Dairy factory Kiselovo has had experience in milk processing since 1995.
It is named after the picturesque village of General Kiselovo, situated in Dobrudja 50 km north west of Varna and just 9 km from Valchi dol. The factory spreads on an area of 4000 sq m within the village.
We guarantee that we use raw materials of high quality and Bulgarian  technologies for manufacturing dairy products.
The modernized factory is equipped entirely with machinery of leading European companies and the production process is fully automated. Our company follows and implements all quality and hygiene standards according to the relevant regulations of the European Union and it is certified to the international standard  ISO 22 000:2005 , ISO 9001 – 2008 as well as strict control is carried out in accordance with HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and GMP.

We are also certified to IFS – IS 137760 for the following products:
White brine cow cheese, Bulgarian yoghurt and cream cheese for retail and wholesale businesses as well as catering industry and trade.
We apply biotechnology for wastewater treatment, which is significant from view point of pollution control.
The Manufacturing Capacity of our Dairy Factory is 20 tonnes a day. We employ more than 50 people,managed and supervised by highly qualified professionals and it is proven by our well-known products Rupite , Kiselovo , Kosharite and Chepelare which are one of the preferred and demanded
on the market.
Our cheese is manufactured from milk of best quality and we implement traditional technology in its processing so the unique taste and perfect quality of our products is due to it but it is due to the work of our experienced specialists as well.
Dairy Factory Kiselovo possesses its own storehouse, a chamber for cheese processing, a refrigerator chamber for storage, office premises and its own refrigerated transport which guarantees timely delivery to the market.
We use traditional Bulgarian recipes but we also encourage our specialists to develop new ones  according to the demand of the market for healthier food containing less fat or salt and without any artificial preservatives .
We are proud of our products and we put our name on every single product we manufacture as a guarantee.

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